Amanda Cutshaw

Travel Advisor

Hello, my name is Amanda Cutshaw. I live in North Carolina in a small town centered between Asheville and Charlotte with my husband and two boys, ages 10 and 3. I am very excited to help you plan your next adventure! My family and I love to travel, and always seek new destinations to create exciting memories. I am a perfectionist when it comes to vacation planning, and submerge myself in researching every detail from “Must Do’s” to “Must Eats” and everything in between. I have been to several popular vacation spots, have experience cruising, and make it a priority to spend at least two months of the year on a beach. However, my favorite, by far, is visiting the magical places of both Disney and Universal Studios, and consider myself an expert in these experiences. I promise to use the same attention to detail as I do in planning for my own family, to make your vacation planning process simple and seamless. This is so you can enjoy the unforgettable moments and memories made in special locations with those you love most.

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