Kristen Sexton

Kristen Sexton

Travel Advisor

Hey Friends! My name is Kristen Sexton and I live in good ole’ Benton, Arkansas. One of my most fun passions is traveling and experiencing new places with my little family. So much so, that my love for travel has overflowed into helping others find and experience their next favorite vacation. My husband and I have a love for Disney World and all the magic that it offers….even as adults. Hey no shame in going as two grown people, It’s such fun!

┬áIn my day to day life, I’m currently raising this feisty redhead and the COO of a consignment event called Duck Duck Goose that is based here in Arkansas. Life is definitely an adventure around here, and I am HERE FOR IT. I’m so excited to meet you and get the ball rolling on your next great adventure!

XOXO Kristen

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