Disney Dining – Is it Worth it?

Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth it?

One of our most frequently asked questions when our clients book a Walt Disney World Vacation is…” Is the dining plan really worth it?” The short answer is YES, IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

When the Disney Dining plan is added to your resort package, it enhances the Disney Experience.  The character experiences and dining options are phenomenal, and you do not want to miss out on all Disney has to offer when it comes to food.  With over 200 dining options available throughout the theme parks, resorts, and Disney Springs, you are in for a treat. The Disney Dining plan is flexible and easy to use during your stay.

Not only does it complete the Disney experience with great, quality food, you also get the experience of dining with your favorite characters.  This will entertain your little ones while eating, and guess what??? The characters come to YOU. When you dine with characters, you can get autographs, photos, and hugs right at your table.  That’s, right…. You are not having to spend all your time in the parks waiting in line to see those characters. You will have more time for rides and shows!

Adding the Disney Dining plan is an easy decision for more than one reason. When dining is added, you are paying for your food in advance, therefore there is no need to worry about the cost of food while on vacation.   So basically, it’s like an all-inclusive vacation option (with a touch of magic)!! You can leave your wallet in your room, and just scan your magic band (Magic Bands are FREE when you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort)! You know all those fabulous, good smelling desserts and treats along main street and throughout the parks? How about those pick me up Starbucks coffees, or Joffrey’s delicious donuts and cinnamon twists?  Oh, and those infamous Dole Whips and Mickey Ice Cream Bars? YES, ITS ALL INCLUDED!!!!!

Rather than just telling you how wonderful the Disney Dining plan is, and that it is worth it for the obvious reasons mentioned above, we wanted to gather some data and show you the dollars. We wanted to prove that it is worth it financially, so we sent our very own agent, Rachel, on a mission last month.  She took her family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children ages 9,4,2) and stayed on property at the Polynesian Resort and added the Disney Dining Plan to her package. She kept track of all food purchases all the way down to every meal, snack and drink. She brought home the receipts and did the calculations. Her grand total spent, had she not been on the dining plan was $1200.83. However, with the dining plan added to her vacation package, she only paid $856.00.  They each had one sit down meal, one quick meal and two snacks per person, per day. Not to mention, they each got a resort refillable mug to use throughout their stay.

Are you ready for it??

Her total savings by purchasing the Disney Dining plan was $344.83!!! So, here is the verdict.  The Disney Dining Plan not only saves you time, but it also saves you money on the purchase of food.

We love the Disney Dining plan and highly recommend it to all our clients.  We promise that your stay will be complete with good food, even better memories and a touch of Disney Magic.

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